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What can you hear right now?

Besides my cousin telling our dog Jaxi to be quiet and stop crying I’m currently listening to Only Love- Ben Howard, ahhh how I love this song. I probably discovered Ben Howard a couple of years ago and ever since then I’ve been hooked, particularly loving his new album ‘I Forget Where We Were’ released late October last year – Rivers In Your Mouth being my favourite track. I’m actually surprised Taylor Swift wasn’t playing on my itunes when I started to write this because ever since her album debuted last year I’ve had it playing every moment I can. I’ve never been a tswifty fan, ever! I mean sure I knew all the words to all her songs and I sung Love Story as if I myself were singing at MSG but never had I been too phased by her until 1989. It was one of three albums I purchased last year- up until recently I’ve been a spotify/youtube-mp3 addict so purchasing an album in my eyes is a big deal. Wildest Dreams and You Are In Love are definitely my favourite picks from 1989. I can;t get enough.

What are you listening to? Drop some tracks below that you want me listen to and I’ll check them out.

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As you know I attended the annual Southbound festival the first weekend of this year down south with five of my friends. Hot was an understatement, drunk was my state of being and happiness filled every bone of my body. Day drinking became my favourite activity, SAFIA were proabably one of the best bands I’ve ever seen live and Vodka Redbulls were all I consumed for 48 hours. Here is a few photos that sum up my weekend perfectly, messy!














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So a couple of months ago I went in to Mac and spent a good $300 on make-up which at the time made my skin look amazing and I was in love.. Until my new best friend ‘Studio Fix’ became my worst nightmare. Now I by no means have the best skin but for someone who never cleanses, tones or takes off their make-up my skin was pretty friggin good until I started using this. I started breaking out along both my jaw lines although my right side was noticeably worse. It wasn’t just little pimples either, they were big, red and sore but because I had started using so many new Mac products at once I wasn’t able to pinpoint which product was the cause for my blemishes. I took to the internet to read reviews of each product, BINGO! At least four in every ten people said Studio Fix foundation made them break out and I was one of them.

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At first I loved Studio Fix, the coverage was amazing but after a few hours I would end up looking really oily and found I had to apply my Studio Fix powder quite regularly to look presentable. The Studio Fix powder was also a favourite of mine but I think that was just because it’s a compact so it was easy to carry around in my purse. The Mac Prep + Prime primer was a complete waste of money, it did nothing for me, didn’t make my make-up last any longer and didn’t take away my redness before applying foundation. The only Mac make-up I will continue to use is the lipsticks and my beloved Pro Longwear Concealer.

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Hello again fellow bloggers, yes in true Morgan form it’s taken me a little longer to get back in to the swing of reality after the festive season and as a result I haven’t blogged for a little bit – pretty sure I apologize for this every time I create a post ha! I hope everyone had a very happy New Year as I’m sure I wasn’t the only person in struggle town on New Years Day.

Anyway on Christmas I received a gift from Kikki K 

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A sentence a day’ – a little book that has a different question for every day of the year and the next year, super cute I know and it’s inspired me to create a new ‘abrokegirl’ tradition and post a paragraph a week. I’m going to flick to a random page in the book and answer the question with a paragraph because I feel I don’t update you guys enough on my life and the thousand thoughts that run through my head all day.

WEEK 1 –   What does the word ‘safe’ mean to you?

When I think of safe I think of being home and my home isn’t a house, or an apartment or a place. Home to me is him. Cliche I know but true it is.  When I’m with him or just talking to him I feel that nothing nor anyone can hurt me, my walls are never up and all of my worries are taken away. I am not scared of anything, I don’t have any bad feelings, I feel as relaxed as possible, I feel home, I feel safe. Nothing can get to me because he is there and he will always protect me. Safe to me is the person you love and the comfort they provide you with.

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Just thought I would quickly share with you the three lipsticks I received at Christmas because I love them, but before you read this just know that I’m only new to the beauty scene and I’m not very in the loop with descriptive words for makeup so please share with me your reviews with your beauty lingo so I can be in the loop. here they are:


Excuse my fat rank hand but a swatch is a swatch, although I feel like these swatches don;t do any of these lipsticks the justice they well and truly deserve because they’re great.

L-R: MAC retro matte lipstick in ‘Relentlessly Red’ – Online this lipstick looked a lot more redder than it does in person. It looks like a mix of coral, pink and red all rolled in to one little package.. a little disappointed.

MAC cremesheen lipstick in ‘Pure Zen’- This is the perfect shade, yep I said it. I absolutely love this shade!! To me it’s the perfect everyday lipstick and it’s going to be my new ‘go to’ one when I just need something on my lips. Have a feeling this one will be living in my purse, however it dos rub off very easy which is a shame.

Nars Audatious lipstick in ‘Annabella’- I have wanted one of these since they were released and I can say it is well worth the $44.00, these lipsticks are insane and I want one in every colour.. if I’m honest I already have two more coming in the mail, YAY! This lipstick along with the appropriate lip liner lasts ALL DAY! and doesn’t smudge easy at all. The shade is the brightest red I’ve seen and is the perfect pop of colour you need for those monochrome outfits. Would recommend these to anyone and everyone.


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I’ve spent years browsing the perfect collections of Australian designer Camilla Franks and it wasn’t until I discovered she had a boutique 40 minutes from my home that I took the plunge into designer heaven and purchased one of her beautiful pieces. Camilla. I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this designer and the pieces of fashion she produces collection after collection, just when I think she’s done her best another print is released and I find myself making the drive to purchase yet another piece of perfection. My obsession has gotten so bad that I’ve made two purchases one of $500 and the other of $400 in the last two weeks, bringing my total of Camillas to 3 but knowing me that will soon be 4 and then 5 and probably 6.

IMG_4037This one to the left was my second Camila purchase from her collection ‘Garden of Dreams’. When I first saw this collection online I never really bothered paying much attention because I didn’t think my bright red hair could ever look acceptable with a blush pink and mint blue.. until I tried it on in the store and fell in love. I purchased it in the Short Kaftan, $500, made from 100% silk and a slip so its ready to wear.

A couple of days later I was browsing through Camilla stockists as I always do because the main website is so fast to sellout and I came across a dress that I had to have… It was then I was faced with a huge dilemma, it was sold out EVERYWHERE! I rang every Camilla boutique in Australia, every David Jones nation wise, I searched every Camilla stockist I knew of and still I couldn’t find one. It was that one piece I knew I had to have but I slowly came to terms with the fact that sadly it would never be mine. So after days of searching high and low I’d given up, I had accepted the fact it’s just something I was never going to own until.. Ashley and I were driving around trying to find somewhere for breakfast when there it was.. in a little boutique I’d never taken notice of, 15 minutes from my house, hanging on a manikin in the front window. Of course we went in, of course I tried it on and of course I bought it. The Camilla I had set my eyes on was finally mine and it’s probably the one thing I will never get rid of because when I say it’s perfect I mean it

IMG_4223Here it is, The Summer Mini in ‘The Basket Weavers Story’ collection. a loose fit above the knee dress made from 100% silk and 100% beauty. You know when you love a designer so much and you just can;t pick your favourite and you search high and low for that ‘one’ piece… this is the one. I love it and I would’ve paid any amount of money to own it, thank God it only set me back $400. I can’t wait to be festival dancing in this at Southbound while Alt-J play, it’s going to be picture perfect.

Please go and have a browse of all the collections here

I promise that you’ll thank me and I apologize in advance for the draining of your bank account, it’s worth it.


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So I survived another Christmas, after eating way too much food and spending too much time in the sun I’m glad to say it’s over for another year. I spent a high majority of the day playing life guard for my two little cousins and being their camera woman while they did numerous flips and jumps in to my Mums pool. The gopro definitely got a workout yesterday, two batteries and a full memory card, filled with memories I never want to lose. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without my Nanas trifle and my Auntys pavlova or the copious amounts of prawn and cauliflower cheese that flood the table. Yep, all that plus turkey, pork, potato salad and roast vegies… indigestion was clearly bound to happen and that it did.

Not even going to try and deny the fact that I still care about the presents, always have and always will. This year did not disappoint, thanks Santa!

IMG_4280I ticked off half of my ‘wish list’ I posted a couple of weeks ago starting with the ever so perfect ‘One’ sunglasses by Karen Walker. Mimco didn’t let me down with my new mimco’s are perfect, the pouch I’ve wanted for so long and the iPhone sling that is going to be so beneficial at Southbound which thanks to Mum I now have a ticket for. Mac delivered me a blush with two lipsticks and I finally got my little hands on one of the new Nars Audatious lipsticks. My cousin surprised me with the new One Direction perfume that smells a little like heaven. A mini crystal head was just what I was hoping to find in my stocking along with some strawberry & cream jelly beans and a mini lip sorbet to help with these cracked son of a bitches- sun burnt lips aren’t fun at all. Ps. The yellow garment this is all placed on will be revealed in a different post. I’ll give you a little hint… one word… CAMILLA!

So there’s a little peek at some of the gifts hiding under my tree now your turn! Did you get what you were hoping for?